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8th Annual LCLAA Cesar Chavez Dinner & Dance

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Saturday, March 28th, 2015
5pm – Midnight

Live remote radio show starting at 5pm

The Police Protective Association Event Center
Right off 1-25at 2105 Decatur Street,
Denver, CO 80211

$50.00 per person

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Archive for January, 2011
Higher Education Access Alliance – Colorado ASSET

Advancing Students for a Stronger Economy Tomorrow

• Colorado viagra sans ordonnance lawmakers are targeting industries such as biomedical, software and “green
economy” companies by offering them incentives to do business here. However,
lawmakers are not offering all Colorado students the opportunities to work in those fields. Colorado is failing to develop one of its strongest assets: our students and their talent.

• To develop a highly trained workforce in Colorado, college must be affordable for students. More college graduates and technically trained workers mean a strong, talented and diverse workforce. A stronger workforce means more jobs, which means a faster economic

• Colorado has one of the most highly educated workforces, yet the state fails to promote high- achieving undocumented students who are ready to enter that workforce. As a result, high dropout rates and low college access rates among certain student populations exist statewide.
• Every year talented and driven undocumented students leave Colorado to pursue their
educations in one of the four bordering states that offer them affordable opportunities (Nebraska, Kansas, Utah, and New Mexico). Those states gain the benefit of our investment in our students. This is unsustainable and undermines Colorado’s future
economic competitiveness.

This is an urgent priority that calls for bold and immediate action including the adoption of:
Colorado ASSET — Advancing Students for a Stronger Economy Tomorrow
Colorado ASSET would make college affordable for qualified undocumented high school graduates by letting them access colleges and universities in Colorado at in-state tuition rates.

Affordable higher education means a faster economic recovery. That benefits everyone.

Learn more about Colorado ASSET and sign up to help us Advance Colorado students for a stronger economy tomorrow! www.heaacolorado.org

Advancing Students for a Stronger Economy Tomorrow

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